Hi! I'm Jonas Caruana

I'm an athlete, entrepreneur and tech professional living in Vancouver BC, Canada. I love it here! Originally from Australia, I've studied, worked and lived abroad since 2005, spending time across Europe and the Americas. I’ve found a home on the west coast: the blend of city and nature is hard to beat.

jonosapien = me online, everywhere. Here's my LinkedIn and Twitter (Insta’s private). Read on to learn a little more – and if you just want the contact form, it’s right at the bottom. Cheers!

I love to sweat 😅

Sweating once a day gets my blood pumping and brings me alive in every area of my life: at work, in my relationships, and in the community. I believe it creates a platform from which greatness in your whole life follows.

Every week, I plan my sweat schedule and invite training buddies, teammates and friends, to join me. I use these sweat dates as a chance to catch-up, to take a meeting outside, to motivate, and to coach. Sweating together is the quickest and best way to create authentic, human connections. And I am a human-first kinda guy: let me know you as a human before I learn what you do. I need to know what matters to you, because I might be able to help you get closer to it and consider it a privilege if I can do that.

Every year, I set fitness goals and a race schedule, and love helping others to set theirs. In 2019, I’m working to break 1:30 on a half-marathon and do my first gravel races using this beautiful adventure bike I built last year.

I love sweaty adventures, and I love a good race – and I write detailed race reports (though admittedly, I’ve been a bit slack on that front, the last year or so). Either way, enjoy!

Jonas Caruana Speaking

I work in Tech.

A little background: I've spent the better part of a decade building and working with companies and brands that help people lead active, awesome lifestyles. It all started when I moved to Canada in 2010 to co-found a startup called Training Mobs: a website and social fitness community that helped you find and share awesome, social workouts near you.

That was my first experience filling the Product Manager and Product Designer roles; it was trial by fire and I loved it. I didn’t know it at the time, but that was the beginning of a thread that has run its way through my career since. I just love working with teams to build software that solves the most important human problems and that ultimately, unlocks our potential to be better.

In 2018, after a long stint at Lululemon and a few shorter stints at startups, I joined Clio whose product team are frankly a bunch of all-stars and I’m grateful to learn and grow with them. The culture and opportunity at Clio is absolutely phenomenal and I’d be happy to talk about it at length if you’re curious. Just hit me up with a message using the form below.

I tweet what I’m reading.

Well, the online, tweet-able articles anyway. I’m also in an awesome book club… I should at least tweet the books we’re reading. I’ll get on that.

And friends seem to love these two playlists of mine.

I’ve been curating “Hangin’” for a while now so it’s a few hundred pretty eclectic songs strong. “Werk” is a good mix of chill and upbeat music to be productive to; it’s pretty light on lyrics because for me that’s what works when I… werk.

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