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Some of the coolest things to come out of training for endurance events are the relationships you develop, with all the people you work with, to make it happen. It takes time to build your team and I am honoured, grateful and stoked to work with the fine folks on this page, all of whom I wholeheartedly recommend.


Aaron de Jong and the team at Movement108 | Loaded Movement Training. The first thing I tell people about Movement108 is that the classes often feel like a bit of a contradiction: the total quantity of work you do doesn't feel like much at the time, but the quality of that work is so high, that it's usually not until the second and third days after, that you really know just how hard – or rather, how well – you were working. This is the magic of what Aaron and his team offer at Movement108: relentlessly high quality movement (you'll get tons of adjustments). Each class is a progression of waking up the body, mobilizing the joints and priming the muscles you will be using to perform a tight chunk of work in the latter stages of the class.

These folks teach me about my body, teach me high quality movement, and make me a better athlete. Their studio has tons of room for stretching / mobility work pre- and post-class (they have all the tools, too). They are the friendliest crew, and I'm grateful to count myself amongst their community.

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Christie Baumgartner | Yoga Teacher. I've known Christie since we met as lululemon Ambassadors back in 2011. Back then, I was a relative newbie to yoga and it was her easy going, confidence inspiring, and gently encouraging nature that drew me into regular practice and opened me to truly understanding what yoga could offer on and off the mat. Not to mention the benefits it brings to my training, in both mind and body. 

Today, she's still my favourite and you can find her teaching public classes at Equinox and YYoga. She also works with professional and varsity athletes, is available for corporate events, and hosts some wicked retreats. 

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Noa Deutsch | Bike Fitting. My bike fitting journey began in 2014 with Ed and Nick at Mighty Riders. These awesome guys got me long and low on the bike and taught me about ways of riding I hadn't figured out on my own. They brought me a long way, and when some persistent knee issues kept flaring up, they suggested I seek more specialized help and my friend and training buddy Tom Waller recommended Noa.

I went to Noa for the first time in early 2015 with a knee problem that was only getting worse in pre-season training. Thanks to her expertise and the Retül bike fit system, we figured out that it was actually a shoulder height imbalance that was ultimately causing the issues in my knee. That bike fit (and subsequent fits) saved my season and led to the strongest results I've had on the bike yet. Now when I change anything on my bike that affects fit, a visit with Noa is the very next thing I do. The investment is 100% worth it and sets me up for success.

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Barb Tyers | Registered Massage Therapist. I found Barb through Steph Corker, who recommended her. Barb is a busy RMT and I'm not surprised. What I love about Barb is that she's an athlete (runner, cyclist) too, who works with athletes. She truly understands the work we're putting our bodies through because she's doing it herself. I really look forward to my sessions with Barb because she always welcomes me with a smile, asks me about how my training is going and whether anything's bugging me in particular that we should pay attention to.

Equally important, she teaches me about my body and educates me on anything I ask her about, like: is more pressure in massage a good thing? What about ice baths as a recovery tool? Rather than reinforcing myths, she responds with facts, evidence, and usually a few links to scholarly articles, so that I can educate myself. She is a professional through and through and I really enjoy working with Barb. 

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Paul Cross | Triathlon Coaching. To date, I am for the most part a self-coached triathlete and with the help of books and other resources, I have crafted my own training plans. There's no substitute for experience though, and Paul Cross has that in spades, having raced at the elite level for many years himself, and spent decades working with athletes at all levels. He's still a formidable competitor, even as a self-described 'seasonal competitor'.

I work with Paul in a consulting capacity and love his easy going manner, which, paired with his expert point of view, gives me the kind of direct, clear advice I need to keep me on course to achieving my goals. 

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Thomas Eleizegui | Musette Caffè. Every cyclist needs a refuge; a place where they can meet pre- and post- ride and casually hang out in head-to-toe spandex, enjoying coffee and conversation. I went to Musette Caffè on my first visit to Vancouver and it was love at first sight. Musette is an ode to all things cycling, a labour of love that invokes all my favourite memories of riding.

Thomas has created a space that is inviting for cyclists and non-cyclists alike, and is a passionate advocate for growing cycling in the community. I'm proud to ride wearing a Musette jersey!

The caffè is located at 1325 Burrard (at Harwood).